• The company suspends in-store browsing and purchasing.

    After the second wave of the epidemic caused the closure of the city of Toronto, we suspended the browsing and purchase methods in the bookstore. You can place an order at the ChineseBookCity.com online bookstore. Free shipping on orders of $59 Canadian dollars in North America.

    Of course, you can also place an order online, choose emt payment or Debit Card to pay when you pick up the goods. The shipping cost can be deducted when paying. When you come to pick up the goods, please call 416-497-8096 in front of the company to contact the pick-up.
    If you have any questions, please contact tianjicanada on WeChat.
    Open Hours:
    Mon-Fri 9:30-18:00
    Sat 12:00–16:00,Sunday closed。


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