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    若在“中文书城”上没找到您心仪的书,请将您想订购的书的相关信息(书名、ISBN、作者、出版社等)发送至 [email protected],我们将会有专人与您联系,告诉您具体报价以及所需要的订金数目。
    Please send information of your desired books (book name, ISBN, author, publisher etc.) to [email protected], our staff will contact you about details and needed deposit amount.

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    This site accepts the following 4 payment methods:

    1. Credit Card Payment
    1.1 You can use the link https://www.chinesebookcity.com/product/deposit  to use VISA, Mastercard and other credit cards, bank cards, etc. (by PayPal or Stripe) to realize online real-time transaction payment, $10 is selected 10 into the shopping cart and then checkout.

    1.2 If you don’t want to use online instant payment, you can also pay to us directly through paypal, payment email: [email protected]

    1.3 You can also use VISA and Mastercard credit cards to pay after contacting us by phone. Tel: 416-497-8096

    2 Bank INTERAC e-Transfer
    To pay via Canadian Bank INTERAC e-Transfer transfer is to log in to your Canadian online bank, set e-Transfer Recipient: [email protected], and transfer the order amount. Please inform us of the order number after the transfer: [email protected]



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