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    Ancient Chinese Fables(Chinese-English Ver)大中华文库–中国古代寓言选

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    Fable is a long history and strong vitality of the ancient style, though many shapes short, there is rich connotation.Most ancient Chinese fable with characters story as a carrier, penetrating deep reasoning, containing many life wisdom. 
    Chinese Qin Fables creation most prosperous period, many world-class fable author thinkers. “Zi”, “Lie” in the fable, imagination speeding, language Wealthy, show heavy Taoist Tao, your virtual, Qi was, ignoring the idea; “Han Feizi” in the fable, written in simple and accurate, showing the legalists because when Reform, advocated draconian laws; “Warring States” in the fable, the way extravagant, magnificent, for diplomacy, internal affairs, the military aspects of the event, resourceful, often saved the day to receive the results. 
    This book compiles the famous Qin classics from these many fables, but also included other fables later works, 121 works were selected. They spread wide, full of wisdom, on the development of literature and language of great influence. 
    The book is well-known literary translator English translator Yang Xianyi, Mr. Dai Naidie.

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    杨宪益,戴乃迭 英译;滕—岚 今译


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