• DHS Table Tennis Racket 2206, Ping Pong Paddle

    Model: 2206 Brand: DHS (Double Happiness Sports) Level: All-Star (2 Star) Handle: Pen Handle? About the manufacturer: DHS (Double Happiness) is not only the largest table tennis manufacturer in China, but it’s one of the national largest sporting goods suppliers. The company was founded in 1959 and is well-known and respectable in world table tennis field. Double Happiness (DHS), official equipment supply for 27th, 28th, 29th Olympic Games, has its unique view point on the study of materials and formula, making technique, the mutual influence between table tennis and motor function. 

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    1星级 7层或9层加厚纯木底板,击球更稳定。
    2星级 加厚底板,加粘胶皮,优化控制力
    3星级 全同质底板,一体化设计,平衡能力更佳。
    4星级 轻质高强芯层,专业型胶皮,速度与旋转新体验。
    5星级 全能型底板,高弹性海绵,击球效果更丰富。
    6星级 超强进攻型底板,特制粘合剂,08新系列的全新正反手组合,高人一筹的攻击。

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