• faq’s “updated: July 23, 2022”

    Paypal is available in the payment options on this site, which is actually payment by credit card. The Visa and Mastercard credit card information that you enter on this site is processed by the paypal website.In addition, you can choose to pay with your credit card through Stripe. Our site itself does not process and save customer credit cards and any information related to them when you make a payment, so online transactions with us are very safe. And even we cannot get your credit card information during the whole process. So please check the correct and input carefully.

    We will process all orders promptly, so once you register for payment and want to cancel your order, please contact our customer service center by E-mail or phone before 16:00 (America Eastern Time), our customer service The representative will assist you to check whether you can modify or cancel the order.

    When some goods are temporarily out of stock due to hot sales or other reasons, you can place an order and we will purchase it for you from China; if it is really unable to meet your requirements, we will refund the original amount or leave you to buy other commodity. You can also not place an order temporarily, just leave your detailed requirements, we will actively order for you, and notify you in time when the goods arrive.

    You need to email us your new address as soon as possible, [email protected].

    Our magazines are published in China and shipped to Canadian cargo hold in bulk, then mailed to magazine subscribers and retailed in the Canadian market. We will treat magazines after six months of retailing as old ones. These are magazines that no one has read, not second-hand. Generally it will not exceed 1-1.5 years.

    Free shipping is free for orders in North America when the book order exceeds $69. The system will automatically remove the shipping cost when the shopping cart is processed at the last step. If you don’t remove it, you can contact customer service and we will refund you, although you can rest assured Go to checkout.

    Bank INTERAC e-Transfer is to pay by INTERAC e-Transfer of Bank of Canada. The operation method is to log in to your Canadian online bank, set e-Transfer Recipient: [email protected], and transfer the order amount. Please inform us of the order number after completing the transfer to [email protected].

    Of course, you can email to [email protected], tell us the name and publisher of the book you want, and we will give you a quote. After approval, a deposit of about 20% is required. The method https://www.chinesebookcity.com/product/deposit can be delivered in about 6-12 weeks afterwards. Free shipping is free for those who pick it up. If the total amount exceeds 59 Canadian dollars, it is also free from Canada Mailing fee.

    The minimum order is CAD$9.00