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赵启正,(美)奈斯比特,(奥)奈斯比特 著,张洪斌,许靖国 译

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"This fascinating discussion between the former Chinese minister of the State Council InformationOffice of China and futurists and China experts John and Doris Naisbitt provides fresh insights intothe thinking of the Chinese leadership about why they continue to call themselves Communists,how they see Tibet, the Dalai Lama, China and democracy, and why they do not considerthemselves a model for the rest of the world, and views that are very far from what manyWesterners think when they think of the Chinese leadership in Beijing. "
  ——Stephen H. Rhinesmith, Ph.D., former special U.S. ambassador to Russia andauthor of Developing keaders for a Global World
" There are two Chinas. One is the Chinaof the Western media. The other is the real China. Thisbrilliant and deeply insightful book is about understanding the real China, and the beginning of anyunderstanding is always dialogue. "
  ——Rowan Gibson, author of Rethinking the Future and Innovation to the Core
" Understanding China is one of today's great challenges and opportunities. This book offers a rarechance to listen to the dialogue among three highly innovative thinkers - a Chinese, a Europeanand an American - who offer fresh perspectives on China's crucial role in the world. "
  ——Walter Link, chairman of the Global Academy
" As a diplomat rushing around the world, 1 often feel that my happiest moment is to haveconversations with great masters of ct|lture of different countries. So, l am elated to have had adialogue with Mr. Zhao Qizheng. Without doubt, China, as a great power, has a mission for thefurore of the world. China's development will contribute immensely to the progress of the humanrace. l strongly believe that this dialogue among renowned scholars will benefit the developmentof the "China Model. '"
  ——Yuji Miyamoto, former Japanese ambassador to China


《对话:中国模式(英文版)》内容简介:In this book, three superb thinkers discussthe past, the present and the future ofChina. They are Mr. Zhao, with fame as"China's Image Master" and "China's PRLeader," Mr. Naisbitt, a famous futurist inthe United States and author of the superbestseller Megatrends, and his wife, DorisNaisbitt, a sharp-eyed observer andquick-witted thinker with the quality of aGerman-speaking philosopher. When thethree eloquent dialogists, with forcefulpowers of voice and different culturalbackgrounds, have an open-mindedexchange of views on China'sdevelopmental model and the future of theworld as well as other hot topics, there mustbe a clash of opinions and hence sparks ofideas.
Their dialogue covers politics, economy,society, and culture, and the issues stemmostly from questions currently in thepublic mind, such as" "What does the rapidrise of China mean to the world?" "Whydoes the West always like to impose its ownvalues on other countries?" "Does thesuccess of the Chinese economy reallymake Westerners jealous and fearful?""What is the essential difference betweenthe Western horizontal democracy and theChinese vertical democracy?" The Orientaland Occidental representatives, with theirdifferent cultural backgrounds and values,have given their own answers to thesequestions. There are often conflicts ofviews and ideas, as well as many differences in their ways of expression. Even their humor is unique and marked with their own features. All this has made the five rounds of the witty dialogue more colorful, interesting, and attractive.


ISBN 9787510410857
出版社 新世界出版社
作者 赵启正,(美)奈斯比特,(奥)奈斯比特 著,张洪斌,许靖国 译
页数 127




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