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Foot Massage Therapy (英文版)

Foot Massage Therapy (英文版)

王东坡 主编

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  According to traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), many channels andcollaterals run downward from the organs and tissues of the human body into
  corresponding areas on the feet and, therefore, stimulating these areas canhelp regulate the functioning of these organs and tissues and cure diseases.
  Contemporary research in human anatomy has revealed that the feet have moreblood vessels and nerves than any other part of the human body and that thenumerous nerve endings at the feet have a special relationship with the head,hands and several tissues and organs of the body. Thanks to this relationship,foot massage has emerged as a miraculous curative and health-preserving
  Today, it is an accepted fact that regular foot massage not only improves the functioning of all organs and the flow of qi in channels and collaterals, and invigorates blood circulation, but also cures diseases and helps to preserve health and life.
  This book provides readers with simple,economical,quick,effective and green therapies which boast both curative and health-preserving effect.It is a popular and practical guide to health preservation,suitable for readers of different knowledge levels of traditional Chinese Medicine.The launch of the book,so to speak,will equip readers with the golden key to the door of health.


ISBN 9787508524771
出版社 五洲传播出版社
作者 王东坡 主编
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