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Wu Shu Basics 武术运动基本训练 (英文版)

Wu Shu Basics 武术运动基本训练 (英文版)

蔡龙云 主编

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Professor CaiLongyun,a well-known Wushu martial artist- combatant andtheorist,9th-dan holder in Wushu and international Wushu referee,taught at the Shanghai University ofSports,and served as deputydirector ofthe National Sports Commission’s Chinese Wushu ResearchInstitute and as vice- chairman of the Chinese Wushu Association.Born in 1928 in Shandong Province,Cai began practicing martial artsfrom an early age.He is versatile in Huaquan,Shaolinquan,Taiquanand Xingyiquan, especially excelling in attack and defense.UsingChinese martial arts,he defeated a Russian boxer in 1943 and a USheavyweight boxing champion in 1946 in Shanghai, and was hailedthereafter as“Super Fist Dalong(Dragon).”He was selected to serveon the national team,after winning at the National Ethnic SportsCompetition and Demonstration in 1953.From 1956,he has worked aschiefjudge and then superior judge for a series of internationaland national Wushu competitions.He was the director of the WushuCompetition Committee for the 11th Asian Games,and deputy directorof the National Group for Rediscovering and Preserving WushuHeritage. Cai has contributed extensively tO Wushuteaching,research and management. He wrote more than 10 monographsincluding Wushu Basics,Huaquan, Sword Skills,Sbaolin Temple MartialArts Dhyana,in addition to over 70 articles on Wushu knowledge andskills.He headed the editing of the first Wushu Competition Rulesin China,and helped to author Wushu,a textbook used nationwide bysport universities. For his great contributions throughout adecades-long career in Wushu,Cai has been given many titles andhonors including“China’S Best Sports Judge”and “New China SportsPioneer.”In 1988,he won the“Wushu Contribution Award” a t theInternational Wushu Festival.In 2008,to honor his work, theEducation Commission of Shanghai established the“Master Cai LongyunStudio .” 《武术运动基本训练(英文版)》由蔡龙云编写。


ISBN 9787119080956
出版社 外文出版社
作者 蔡龙云 主编
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