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西游记(全三卷)英文版 Journey to the West

西游记(全三卷)英文版 Journey to the West

(明)吴承恩 著

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  • 版 次:2
  • 页 数:共三册
  • 字 数:
  • 印刷时间:2008-1-1
  • 开 本:32开
  • 纸 张:胶版纸
  • 印 次:5
  • 包 装:精装

This is the third and final volume ofthe classic Chinese fantasy novel,Joumey to the West. In it the four pil-grims-the Tang Priest Sanzang andhis three powerful disciples, Monkey,Pig and Friar Sand-have to deal withmany more monsters and misfortunesbefore they finally reach their goal:Thunder Monastery in the westernHeaven where the Lord Buddha lives.Even here their troubles are not at anend. The scriptures they are given atfirst are all blank.On this last part of the journey thedemons come in as wide a range ofshapes and kinds as ever. Among themare spider-women who spin webs fromtheir navels, a pride of lion monstersand a terrlble female spirit who carriesthe Tang Priest down into her bottom-less cave to marry him. These and allthe other fiends test to the very limitMonkey's ingenuity, supernatural pow-ers and connections throughout theuniverse. As in earlier volumes, he ishindered as much as helped by theoafish but loveable Pig.The story is told with the zest, im-aglnation and humour that have madeit one of China's best-loved novels forfour hundred years. It is not just a taleof the fantastic; it is also rich in in-sights into human nature and humansociety.The illustrations are taken from anineteenth-century Chinese edition ofthe book. A "Translator's Afterword" discuss-es this great feast of the imaginationand outlines how the cycle of legendsgrew over many hundred years.Jacket drawing by: Wei Wei.


ISBN 9787119017785
出版社 外文出版社
作者 (明)吴承恩 著
页数 1772




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